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  • Exo Terra 100w Electronic On/Off Thermostat

  • Exo Terra 300w Electronic On/Off Thermostat

  • Lucky Reptile Thermo Control PRO II, TC2-PROUK

  • Microclimate Dimmer B1 Black 600W

  • Microclimate Dimmer B1 Green 600W

  • Microclimate Dimmer B1 HT Black 600W (HiTemp)

  • Microclimate EVO LITE Black

  • Microclimate HC6 Heat/Cool Twin stat 600W

  • Microclimate HH6 Twin Stat 600W

  • Microclimate Ministat 100

  • Microclimate Ministat 300

  • Microclimate Mounting Bracket (for Evo Stats)


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