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  • ET Basking Lamp Terrarium Fixture

  • ET Crested Gecko Kit Lg(60cm Tall)

  • ET Habisphere Terrarium

  • Exo Terra Gecko Dish

  • LR Deco Skull Elephant

  • VE Viva B.Dragon Start.Kit (1 box) flat-pk

  • ZM Big Dripper

  • ZM Little Dripper


Starter Kits & Housing

Reptile vivariums, terrariums and starter kits at incredible prices

  • E Viva+ Terrestr.Med Beech

  • ET Amphibian Starter Kit 30x30x45cm

  • ET Bamboo Forest Habitat Kit Large

  • ET Bamboo Forest Habitat Kit Small

  • ET Crested Gecko Kit Lg(60cm Tall)

  • ET Crested Gecko Kit Small

  • ET Habisphere Terrarium

  • ET Tarantula/Scorpion Kit 30x30x30cm

  • ET Terrarium Lge/Low 90x45x30cm

  • ET Terrarium Lge/Tall 90x45x60cm

  • ET Terrarium Lge/Wide 90x45x45cm

  • ET Terrarium Lge/XTall 90x45x90cm


Reptile Supplies

Brought to you by reptile lovers with a passion on providing quality products for all your reptile needs

New Products

Check out new lines that we have just added

  • PR Red Night Spotlamp 40W ES

  • LR Basking Sun 25W

  • F10 SCXD Veterinary Disinfectant/Cleanser 200ml

  • PR Plastic Hide Small 120x80x60mm

  • Repashy Superfoods Crested Gecko CLASSIC 170g

  • LR Critter Box

  • LR Hatchbox Incubation Tray

  • ECO Red-footed Tortoises in Captivity





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